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City Of Hampton, VA
22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Va 23669
City Council - Afternoon Session
Council Chambers, 8th Floor, City Hall
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
1:01:12 PM
Ross A. Kearney, II, Angela Lee Leary, Will Moffett, Christopher G. Stuart, Donnie R. Tuck, George E. Wallace, Molly Joseph Ward, Mayor
Mary Bunting, City Manager
Cynthia Hudson, City Attorney
Katherine K. Glass, CMC, Clerk of Council

Call to Order
  The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. Mayor Ward indicated that Councilman Stuart would not be present this afternoon due to a family emergency.
1.11-0217Update on Economic Development Activity and Job Creation
ACTION: Presented by James Eason, Economic Development Director.
2.11-0264Discussion of the Use of the City Seal in Electronic E-mail Signature
ACTION: Presented by Councilwoman Leary and Vice Mayor Wallace. There will be no change from the current usage of the seal which is on proclamations, Council stationery and personal notecards used by members of Council. Council will work with a larger logo and branding effort for the City which is being lead by Robin McCormick, the City's Communication Strategist. This recommendation will be memorialized in a resolution for adoption by Council at a later date.
3.11-0257Briefing on the Status of Ft. Monroe
ACTION: Presented by Mayor Ward and Councilman Kearney. The City Manager and Councilwoman Leary also shared information.
Regional Issues
New Business
  Councilman Kearney reported that there was a town hall meeting in Phoebus on August 4th. The issue of the potential closure of the Phoebus Post Office was one of the topics. He asked if the City staff could work on this issue for the community and the Manager assigned Brian Deprofio, Special Projects Manager. A petition is being circulated opposing the closure and he is requesting that Council vote on a resolution at the evening meeting. The contents of the proposed resolution was shared with Council.

Councilman Moffett shared that he and Councilwoman Leary met with Vanessa Valldejuli on the proposed subdivision ordinance on Council's evening agenda and would be proposing a minor modification in the language at the evening session. Mayor Ward also said that she was suggesting a look at the fee schedule and that would be discussed at the evening session.

Councilwoman Leary spoke about a publication she receives which has articles of interest regarding China. She will send an article to the Clerk to share with the other members of Council.

She reminded citizens that the September 11th event will take place this year at Gosnold's Hope Park at 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 11, 2011. She will be sharing information on a catfish tournament to benefit the Wounded Warriors project.

Councilwoman Leary indicated that she was not present at the last work session and couldn't speak on courthouse security. She relayed information from Roberts Rules of Order as to how she felt this matter should have been handled.

Councilwoman Leary asked the City Attorney a procedural question with respect to closed session.

Councilman Tuck indicated that the Daily Press reported that the Phoebus Improvement League and the Phoebus Civic Association have merged. He questioned our appropriation of funds to the Phoebus Improvement League and how that is handled since the organization no longer exists. Councilman Kearney responded that only recently did both organizations separately vote to merge but no merger will take place until December 31, 2011, due to tax reasons with respect to their 501(c)3 status. On January 1, 2012, steps will take place for creation of a new entity. Councilman Tuck indicated that his concern that the city might be funding an entity which doesn't exist. Ms. Hudson, the City Attorney, indicated staff will have to look to the federal regulations first and then to the city's rules used to fund any outside agencies. She also indicated that they would be looking at HUD regulations upon the merger.

Councilman Tuck indicated there is no public comment scheduled for the proposed Harbor Square acquisition and he suggested that Council might want to allow such a period. The City Manager indicated that, in response to inquiries, staff has suggested to people that they speak at the 6 p.m. public comment session. A brief discussion took place on Council practice and parliamentary procedure involved in Councilman Tuck's request. Councilman Tuck indicated he was not making a motion at this time but rather asked that Council consider the recommendation for a possible vote during the evening.
Closed Meeting
11-0235Closed session as provided in Virginia Code Section 2.2-3711.A.1 and .3
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Vice Mayor George E. Wallace.
SECONDER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
11-0238to consider an appointment to the Finance Committee.

11-0258to consider an appointment to the Golf Course Advisory Committee.

11-0259to consider an appointment to the Wetlands Board.

11-0260to consider the appointment of an alternate to the Cultural Alliance of Hampton Roads.

11-0263to discuss the disposition of public property in the Phoebus Area of the City where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the bargaining position or negotiating strategy of the City.

4.11-0236Resolution Certifying Closed Session
ACTION: Adopted

MOVER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.
SECONDER: Vice Mayor George E. Wallace.
5.11-0266I move, based on our closed session discussion involving unsolicited proposals for land development in Phoebus, that the Manager be authorized to pursue both proposals, one for development by Marlyn Corporation of a senior housing development at the corner of Mercury Boulevard and Woodland Road, and the other for the development by Rebkee Corporation of a CVS Pharmacy at the other corner lot at Woodland Road and Mercury Boulevard subject to the conditions and guidelines discussed in that closed session.
ACTION: Approved

MOVER: Vice Mayor George E. Wallace.
SECONDER: Councilmember Ross A. Kearney, II.